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Pornstar Claire Dames
My name is Claire Dames and I am a porn starlett. I had heard a lot about this site called Facial Abuse so I thought I would call up Duke Skywalker to see what it was really about. At first it started off like most scenes, as I pulled out my nice big bouncy tits and looked pretty for the camera. After all of that fun stuff was done, it began to get really interesting.
I thought I'd be able to bat my eyelashes and get through this like any other vanilla porn scene, but I was wrong. After some interviews and a little verbal humiliation, Bootleg and Big Red put me on my knees. Instead of your slow sensual blowjob, these big dicked studs face fucked me as if my throat were a pussy. Top top it off, I was spit on, choked and my gag reflex was pushed to the limit.
Face Fucked Claire Dames
Claire Dames Gives A Forced Blowjob
After getting beyond destroyed on my knees, they flipped me over and threw me on their ratty couch. Apparently they didn't care that my makeup was done nicely and that I love to look my best. Once I was upside down, they fucked my face and forced me to puke with their raging hard boners. With pump after pump, my face was covered in a mix of spit and my own puke. As you can see, my eyes were bloodshot, my makeup was smeared and I was a sloppy mess!
As they let me get up from the forced blowjobs, I thought it was my turn for some pleasure. Bootleg mounted me from behind and pumped my pussy from behind as I squealed with pleasure. Apparently they didn't like my moans of pleasure, and my head was pushed down onto Big Reds dick. As I was fucked doggystyle, the face fucking continued. Painful pleasure was the name of the game.
CLaire Dames Gets Tag Teamed
Claire Dames Licks Ass
After Big Red and Bootled finished fucking my pussy, they thought it would be a good idea to get cleaned up by putting my tongue in their asses. After those relentless forced blowjobs and puking all over the place, licking a little man ass was no problem. I probed their assholes and even showed off my musical skills by playing a song using a rusty trombone. I guess all those years as a band geek in school were good for something!
After the rimjobs were completed and they had used and abused all of my other holes, they sat me on the ground and began to dump load after load of cum on my once pretty face. There must have been a gallon of cum on my face after the group of guys had finished dropping their loads. As I sat there in a pool of sticky humiliation, an open fist flapped my face and topped me off with a coating of baby powder a.k.a. pimp dust. I guess Duke Skywalker was right: There is nothing else on the planet like Facial Abuse. NOTHING.
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